St John’s Faith Community

St John’s Faith Community 
has been involved in the Bishop led Renewal Process from its inception.
The Parish Council and parishioners have consistently addressed the Eleven Areas of Mission now present under four headings.
* Service – Pastoral. Ethics and Social Responsibility
Home visitations are made by M.U. and Guild members.
Hospital and nursing home rosters of visitors is drawn up and visits are made regularly.
Hayley House has a service once a month taken either by a priest or liturgical assistant with choir members and a pianist from the parish also involved.
Home Communions are regularly provided by the priest or liturgical assistant.
Together with the Diocese of Ballarat the parish is responsible for the day to day running of the units, and the pastoral care of the inhabitants, of the St John’s Must Homes.
Ethics and Social Responsibility
A policy document has been presented and approved in principle by Parish Council.
* Outreach – Evangelism. Youth and Children.
A workshop, led by the Diocesan Developmental Officer, to address the issue of generational difference was well attended.
* Stewardship – Stewardship. Ecumenism. Overseas Mission.
The current Stewardship committee was formed in 2005. The first program was designed internally with the title of “Looking ahead”. This first program was succeeded by another local program called “Give with Gladness”. Both programs were most successful. All parishioners were personally contacted and they responded with an increase in giving and becoming more involved in parish activities.
The commercial program “Growing Generous Givers” has been recommended by the Diocese.
Overseas Mission
As you will see from the reports of the Ladies Guild, Mothers’ Union, AMS and the Op Shop, we donate to many worthwhile organisations overseas.
1. ABM (Money to Papua New Guinea)
2. Papua New Guinea – sporting goods – provided and sent by AMS.
3. Spectacles and typewriters
4. Christmas Bowl.
5. Mission to Seafarers (overseas seamen)
6. Diocesan Mothers’ Union for Overseas and Outreach
7. Correspond with St Michael’s and All Angels, Trinidad.
8. Correspond with St Mary’s at Stoke, England
9. Various support is given to tragedies overseas in time of need.
* Proclamation, Celebration and Mystery
The Eucharist is celebrated on:
* Sundays at 8.00am and 9.30am
* on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm Healing Service
* on Wednesdays at 10.00am
* on Fridays at 5:00 pm.
* on special saints and feast days
The Rector or one of the retired assistant priests celebrates at each service and preaches on Sundays and Wednesdays.
Four Eucharistic Assistants, all members of the Guild of Transfiguration, and three Servers share the duties associated with these services.
Music in Worship
St John’s, Soldiers Hill, has a music program of some substance, intentionally integrating  hymnody, psalmody, Mass setting/s and instrumental music with liturgical structure, texts and gesture, scripture and teaching, feasts and seasons, through the various aspects of congregational participation in worship.
Music in worship aims for general accessibility to the congregation and endeavours to assist the spiritual development and responsiveness of the people through a full range of human emotions and states of mind appropriate to the varied occasions of worship – joy, sadness, praise, repentance, thanksgiving, intercession, peace, reflection, searching, prayer, communal bonding, celebration, to name but a few.
The hymn book currently in use is The Australian Hymn Book, and the congregation is familiar with a wide repertoire of hymn from it. The choir sings additional music selected from a variety of traditional and more contemporary sources. Three congregational Mass settings are in current usage. Responsorial psalm settings, in a variety of musical styles, are sung by choir and congregation, according to the requirements of the three yearlectionary. Both pipe organ and electric keyboard are used in worship, as indicated by musical needs.
Musical selections and performance are under the direction of a professional musician/organist/composer who also has extensive experience and understanding of both liturgical and pastoral requirements of music in worship, as well as many years’ experience teaching music, coupled with a desire to develop and utilize the musical talents of parishioners interested in offering their service in this way in worship.
The parish choir is a faithful group committed to the musical support of the congregation in worship, and is willing and capable of learning new music on a regular basis.
The Spirituality Committee aims to provide opportunities for each person to discover the full depth and potential of spirituality which lies in the centre of all of us.
Three enthusiastic Prayer Groups have been established:
* A telephone Prayer Circle to pray for the sick, dying, grieving etc.
* A Prayer Study Group
* A Sing and Pray Group.
Seasonal Study groups for Advent, Lent, etc. are organised.
Lenten Addresses and Stations of the Cross are Lenten features.