M.U. – Mothers’ Union

The Mothers’ Union is a worldwide organisation within the Anglican Church which has a special concern for marriage and family life and the vision of “winning the homes of the nations for Christ.” Since 20
th July 1899, members of St Johns’ Soldiers’ Hill Mothers Union Branch have made strong commitments to the life of the parish by strengthening and supporting marriage and family life.

One hundred and eight years later twenty six members regularly attend monthly meetings held on the first Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm. The meetings commence with a service in the Lady Chapel or Parish Centre. Speakers and activities inspire and encourage us to uphold the ideas of Mary Sumner our Founder.

Members participate in weekly Masses as Altar Servers, readers, Welcomers, Choir members and for the Offertory and Offering. Our banner is paraded at our monthly corporate communion and we serve morning tea/coffee after the service. We arrange altar flowers and clean brass and woodwork in the church and assist at the monthly Tea and Transport service. On Mothering Sunday members make floral posies and provide simnel cake for the congregation.

A member sends cards to recently baptised children. Floral Guild members decorate the church for weddings. Each December we invite the ladies of the parish to Mass and a meal and deliver home made biscuits to “shut in” parishioners. Our members conduct cake stalls and lunch stalls at Parish Fairs, cater for Parish dinners and provide refreshments after funerals. Some members visit Hospitals and Geriatric Centres. Anglicare is supported by monthly individual, voluntary donations and with groceries for Christmas Hampers. Some members are trained Anglicare workers.

We maintain links with Mothers’ Union Branches in St Michael and All Angels, Trinidad, West Indies and St Mary at Stoke, England.

Members attend diocesan events and functions at other branches.

New members are always welcome to attend our meetings.