Girls’ Friendly Society

G.F.S. – An Anglican Ministry

GFS celebrated its 125 years in the Ballarat Diocese in May 2007. Although we have no branches operating in the Ballarat Diocese mainly due to the fact that young people do not seem to attend church any more, we operate with an Executive Council and a Townsend Group..
The Executive Council deals with the business of the organization and arranges the four Townsend meetings held each year.  These groups are mainly made up by ladies with a GFS or Anglican background. 

St John’s is well represented in the Townsend Group and also in the Executive Council. The business meetings and some Townsend meetings are held in St. John's Parish Centre

Members provide assistance both practically and financially to many individuals and organizations and are well known for their continual collection of handmade rugs and other items.

New members are encouraged.